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Education at Harvest

In the history of the Church, from biblical times until now, when the people of God have had a passion for knowing God – his character and his will – they have flourished.  Not only have they flourished, but so has the culture in which they have lived.  Without exception.   When the people of God have neglected God, paying only passing interest in growing in their understanding and faith, they have declined – and so has the culture in which they live.  Without exception. 

The challenge that Harvest Presbyterian Church embraces is to become a people who are passionate about knowing God – and in doing so, praying and working toward the end that God will ignite the wider body of Christ to embrace that challenge, as well.  If He does so, perhaps He will also have mercy on our culture and bring us back from the brink of chaos. 

Whatever the larger outcome, however, the aim of our educational ministry remains constant:  To know God more deeply and to grow stronger in our faith in Christ through the study of his gospel.  We believe that the truth God has for us in His word, is better understood and more deeply rewarding when we pursue it together.  Hence, education here is a way of life, not merely a “program.” 

That way of life is inspired by the Christian, classical model of education (i.e., the Trivium).  We have organized our pursuit of the knowledge of God through a set of learning objectives.  These learning objectives are shaped by two dimensions:  Our intellectual understanding and our spiritual/moral growth.  When combined, these two dynamics produce a matrix – a grid – of objectives.  Click Here to see our Matrix of Learning Objectives. 

We believe that if we will all pursue those objectives passionately, prayerfully, and persistently, we will all – both as individuals and as families, in conventional classes and in small groups – grow in ways that will amaze us all.  To be sure, in the process, the Holy Spirit will show us more of our sin – more than we wanted to see, no doubt.  BUT! He will also show us that God’s grace is greater than we ever imagined.  To know that grace, that smile from God upon us, makes the growth in learning a joy!  Not only so, but that joy itself becomes a further motivation for us to be more faithful, creative, and effective ambassadors for Christ and His Kingdom in the world around us. 

So…come join us.  See for yourself how a Spirit-driven passion to know God can be the catalyst that makes life flourish – to His glory and for our good. 


It is our desire to see everyone be able to worship the Lord.  If you or a family member has a special need or developmental disability that might require additional assistance to allow you to worship corporately or to join in Sunday school, please talk to Nicole M or Barb P.  They can be contacted at