Inquirer's Luncheons
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Join us for a light light after worship, hosted by two Harvest elders.
A comfortable time to ask questions about Harvest, the PCA, and more.
A first step toward becoming more involved in the Harvest community. Free.

To inquire:  “to seek information by questioning.” 

At Harvest Presbyterian Church, we believe in asking questions.  Lots of them.  We believe in asking them of God in prayer, of his word in study, of each other in building relationships, of our neighbors in seeking to serve them.  Questions are not only not a threat, they are an opportunity – a doorway into truth and faith and hope and love.  The Lord calls us to ask questions.  Deuteronomy 6, Proverbs 2, Luke 9 all reflect occasions when questions are essential for personal, spiritual growth. 

Our Inquirers’ Class builds on asking questions.  We study what it means to be a member of the Church, not merely of Harvest Church, but of the Church, of which Harvest is but one congregation.  The class is a thirteen-week study generally held in the fall of the year, but more frequently, if the need arises. 

The class has a two-fold aim: 

  1. What do inquirers need to know about what membership at Harvest Presbyterian Church means? 
  2. What do we in Harvest Church need to know about inquirers who are investigating membership at Harvest  Presbyterian Church, so as to make their membership here meaningful? 

In order to fulfill the first aim, as indicated above, we provide an Inquirers’ Class.  It is a 13-week, in-depth class (generally in the fall, but more often if numbers warrant) based on a study guide.  The study guide is intended to be homework.  Yes, you read that right:  home-work!  :-) The lessons cover far more than we have time to cover in class.  But on the basis of those study guides, we pull out either questions that the pastor or leader wants to focus on, or questions that members of the class want to explore more deeply.  We want the class to be very interactive.  The class topics are arranged around these three broad questions: 

  • What is the gospel? (or, Who is Jesus?)
  • How does the gospel order our lives, both personally and in the church? (or, Why did He come?)
  • What is our response to the gospel?  (or, How do we respond to Him?)

These topics form the foundation and framework for our life together. 

In order to fulfill the second aim, we incorporate times of Q. & A. in each class session with representatives of the various ministries and small groups in Harvest.  And we seek to have some times of just plain fun, social interaction outside the class along with various other leaders of the church, in order to get to know one another better. 

In all these settings, we encourage folks to come with their questions – lots of questions, all kinds of questions.  We believe in inquiring!  We learn best who God is and what He wants when we do – and especially when we do so together.  So go ahead:  “Seek information by questioning”  It’s fun!  


It is our desire to see everyone be able to worship the Lord.  If you or a family member has a special need or developmental disability that might require additional assistance to allow you to worship corporately or to join in Sunday school, please talk to Nicole M or Barb P.  They can be contacted at