Youth Education  

At each age/grade level we use engaging and meaningful curriculum, designed for students to connect with God, with each other, and to discover the timeless truths of the Bible.  Learning, using the classical approach to education, engages the whole person, at their own level.   

For our Junior High (6th - 8th grades) we introduce critical thinking skills, and equip the students to wrestle with the "Why" questions.  

For our Senior High (9th - 12th grades) we challenge them to dig deep and understand how the Truth of God impacts and applies to all of life.  


Sunday School Classes regularly meet 9:30 - 10:30 AM* 



Starting September 6, 2016: Harvest Begins a New Journey!

Christ-Centered      Chronological      Church-wide 

Sunday School for All Ages

Teen Overview: Watch preview video here.
How does all of Scripture point to Christ? A quick overview here.

The Gospel Project® is a chronological, Christ-centered Bible study that will take students on a journey through the storyline of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation. Along the way, students will discover the big picture of what God has been doing throughout redemptive history.


Youth Group!

 Youth Group Kick-Off - September 18th!
6th - 12th grades
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Special Needs InformationIt is our desire to see everyone be able to worship the Lord.  If you or a family member has a special need or developmental disability that might require additional assistance to allow you to worship corporately or to join in Sunday school, please talk to Nicole M or Barb P.  They can be contacted at